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The Three Seed Atoms

The Silver Cord or Sutratma

There is a spiritual cord which emanates from the heart of the Monad. It projects downward to the causal plane where a soul is created. The soul in turn projects the cord down further into the dense world of matter to embody it in a personality.

The cord extends from the heart of the Monad down to the base of man’s spine. It is upon this important spiritual cord that the three aspects of man are threaded which makes man a trinity:
1.The Monad of spirit
2.The Oversoul and the soul
3.The Personality (that part of the soul which is ensouled within the physical form).

The Sutratma or Silver Cord, then, is a thread of energy extending from the Spirit of Man on the High Planes, down through the Soul and into the Physical Body, joining these three Aspects together. The Three Seed Atoms - Enlightened Awareness Out of the substance of the silver cord, or Sutratma, are woven several individual cords which
connect the three aspects of man.

1.The sushumna
2.The Life cord
3.The Emotional cord
4.The Consciousness cord
5.Antahkarana – the spiritual cord

The Sushumna

Within the physical form this silver cord becomes the sushumna, the etheric cord which runs down the spinal cord from the top of man’s head to the tip of his spine.

The Life Cord

The life cord rises out of the heart of the spiritual monad itself. Via the heart, this stream of life-energy enters the blood stream and is distributed throughout the physical body. It is this spiritual energy pouring down from the spirit, through the Sutratma, that gives regenerative power to all the organs of the body.

The Emotional Cord

The emotional cord extends only from the soul-lotus on the causal plane to the region of the solar plexus. The emotional cord is the complete product of man’s own creation. The emotional cord is just what man has made it during his uncountable experiences in the world of matter and in his incarnations in bodies of flesh.

The Consciousness Cord

This cord is the link between the conscious mind and the superconscious mind. It is the cord of man’s consciousness. The cord centers in the head, controlling the response mechanism in the brain. This cord is a product of man’s own creation. It reflects the power or weakness of his mind, as he hs caused it to evolve through his ages of personality experiences. In the majority this cord is glaringly weak.

The Three Seed Atoms

The Three Seed Atoms - Enlightened AwarenessThree permanent seed atoms are hung like magnificent jewels along this shining river of light, the Sutratma. We call these atoms “permanent,” because they are just that. They have been with the being we call man since his birth into the human kingdom.

They left each physical body at the moment of death only to descend again into each new form at the time of each new incarnation. They contain the complete record of what that man is. They are, then, man’s book of life.

We call these permanent atoms the “seed atoms” because again, they are just that. They contain within themselves the seeds of all that individual man is - just as an acorn contains within itself all that will become the oak tree. These seed atoms remain after the body is discarded, and they come back with you to earth each time you incarnate, bringing the seeds of all that you ARE with them.

The Emotional Cord and the Emotional Seed Atom

The Three Seed Atoms - Enlightened Awareness The EMOTIONAL SEED ATOM, located in the solar plexus, has stamped upon it all the qualities of the emotions ever experienced by the individual. It ensouls the inherent weaknesses and strength of character developed by the individual as far as his desires and emotions are concerned.

If a man comes into birth “inheriting” a weakness for drinking, let us say, the weakness lies in the emotional astral seed atom as an innate quality of his character. This seed atom is the RECORD OF HIS DESIRES and of his emotional life. It pours its atomic particles into the blood stream, carrying their influence on into the glandular system.

The point to remember is that, although it is the sum total of all of a man’s emotional qualities, built into it through the ages of the past, it is nevertheless an atom which can be changed in quality AT ANY PRESENT MOMENT by the efforts of the individual. The astral seed atom, then, concerns the present and the future of man.
Consciousness Cord and the Mental Seed Atom

The MENTAL SEED ATOM, located within the pineal gland, also bears a record - a record of all the inherited and innate qualities of the mind of the individual. It registers all the mental and mind powers developed by and through the individual during the ages of his evolutionary progress.

It also is an atom of the present and the future - in that man can create changes within it IMMEDIATEDLY by the CHANGING OF HIS MIND. It is today what you have made it in past incarnations, and yet it can be endowed with greater powers NOW to affect both the immediate present and future of the individual.
The Three Seed Atoms - Enlightened Awareness

The Life Cord and the Physical Heart Seed Atom

The Three Seed Atoms - Enlightened Awareness The PHYSICAL HEART SEED ATOM is the atom containing the record of man’s past, including the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Whereas the astral and the mental seed atoms contain only the QUALITIES of the emotions and the mind, the heart seed atom contains a complete electronic “picture” record of everything that has ever happened to the individual throughout his EXISTENCE. It releases actual picture images of the past.

The heart seed atom, containing its perpetual record of a man’s past, ties man to his karmic destiny. The mental and the astral seed atoms, containing the powers or the weaknesses of the individual, enable man to influence his own future, his own destiny. Thus he has two seed atoms working for his free will and a destiny of his making and his own choosing. And he has one seed atom definitely holding him to his karmic past destiny and his “fate.”

This answers the enigma that has long perplexed many. Is man a puppet of fate and karmic destiny or is he a free soul with the power to choose his own fate and his own destiny?

Can man overcome the power of the past within the heart seed atom? Indeed he can . . .if he so chooses. But it requires spiritual powers beyond the evolution of most individuals. It can be overcome only by tremendous effort toward good in this, your present life. It is a task only the strong-hearted may achieve and few there are that can remain perpetually good, kind, tolerant, forgiving and unselfish.

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