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The Shining Ones appear in many myths and cultures by different names and

descriptions, but always as gods or creational forces of light.

The Shining Ones

They are generally described as tall ethereal beings.

Some view them as Extra Terrestrial aliens...

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The Shining Ones

The translator of this message is irrelevant and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is the basic proposition of life that any phenomenon that distracts a human from their day to day pattern of life can cause a disruption in what is considered to be normally acceptable or unusual standards of living.

Frankly it is no coincidence that so many abnormal occurrences or paranormal incidents have been taking place for so many years, upsetting the equilibrium for those individuals who have considered the normal occurrences of life to be those incidents discernable only through the sences of their physical anatomy.

However it has reached a point in time when a thinking human finally generates sufficient reason to make a statement based primarily on the logic and the reason of cause and effect. It is a well know fact that any intelligent individual who has studied behaviour of humans, individually and as a whole as a species, has recognised that there must be a reason for the present effects that are upsetting the usual doldrum nature of human consciousness.

To this extent there has been many puzzling occurences that have not been substantiated as having occured in the natural known dimensions of Earth Life. That is called an extraterrestial phenomenon is in fact not a phenomenon when the nature of the effect is balanced with the history of humanity. Some human beings are further along in there evolutionary development and wish to communicate with us. The evidence is now going to deepen and touch the minds of those individuals who are psychologically andmorally trained in the more advanced methods of intuition and observation.

You must become aware that a new beginning is now expressing the energy fiber that procreates your physical anatomy and generates your spiritual being. This energy is generating a new and higher potential since you and I are obviously made from the same light that is the energy content and effigy of a living universal intelligence. We “The Shining Ones“ are now awakening the spiritual development of those who are emerging from a lower state of consciousness into a more highly developed latitude of mentality.

There are many individuals on earth who have been touched by us. When sufficient numbers of individuals , unknown to each other, make statements that d agree with some basic experience of an individual nature both psychologically and physically, this becomes a door opener for the dogmatic human being on earth who has not yet developed the rationale of their own logic and reason.

The psychological atmosphere of human beings on earth is changing. You and I, and all beings are tasting the great effulgence of the living universal intelligence that lives within each of us from a particular vantage point. Of more importance is our individual ability to gauge experience, to quality and digest experience, leaving behind the dross and keeping that which contains and carries the higher energy quotients that are multidimentional in there content and nature.As life is a science, we are a universal family of the science life.

Our mutually beneficial purpose is to share consciousness. Conclusion. Every individual being is striving for his or her own life force realization. When one reunites oneself with this attunement, the light grows in each and every successive moment connected to the conscious self. As you become more cognizant of more reality, you will find there is no seperation as you move up the ladder of evolution and change into a higher isotopic form.

How could anyone learn of the reality of his or her own generic composition as a light form other than by experiencing all aspects of this light in its developemental state. As a child begins to learn to breathe, to walk, to stand and run through personal experience of Earth, so does each human being learn of there true nature and next state in human evolution as a being of light.

Your consciousness either seperates you from the reality of your sentient nature as a being of intelligence and infinite quality or it intergrates you to the extent that you are receiving the signals of other individual beings in varying levels of consciousness and have accepted yourself as more than a finite physical anatomy. You have also verified the spirit that motivates your physical body.

You have become all things to all beings.In thsi respect, you can now generate positive reinforcement by your own knowledge. You can even generate the higher patterns of intelligence that circulate within you mental anatomy. Therefore you are becoming a higher not, a filament that reaches a greater brilliance that enables you to touch the very essence and inner nature of all light beings on earth.

Please pass this on. However The Shining Ones request that none of the content be altered.
June 8th, 2007 by masterskydancer

Michael Sun Bear <> wrote:
Hello, I am Michael Sun Bear, and have been asked by the following Ascended Ones to deliver this message from the Great White Brotherhood.
This communication must reach decision-makers of the world and I am asking you to help me achieve their goal. It is critical that this message reach all tribal nations as well as all levels of government globally.
Those of you in mass media, please print this message in your publications, those of you who know people in positions to get this message out please send it to them.
It is time for humanity to stand side by side rather than in opposition. The future of our planet depends on it.
Feedback to is most welcome.

Much Peace & Light,
Michael Sun Bear
Shaman & Peacemaker
Descendant of the Mohawk, Seneca, and Iroquois Northeastern Tribes

We are Ra Imperial Commander and Head of State to the Sirian High Council, Saint Germain Ambassador to the Galactic Federation of Light, Archangel Michael Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts, Hiawatha Ascended Tribal Chief, and Geronimo Ascended Tribal Warrior, all of the Great White Brotherhood under the Prime Creator.
We are here to affirm that the Light has prevailed against corruptions by the dark lords who no longer have their stronghold on humanity thereby allowing you your God given right of freedom and to live in peace and harmony.
A stern warning had been issued a short time ago to your current global leaders with dire consequences if changes were not immediately implemented. Let it be known that the following directives under the Prime Creator have been achieved -

The Galactic Federation lightships immediately intervened the planned nuclear attacks against Iran and parallel countermeasures against the united States. The missiles were deactivated at the moment of launch from military ships.

Your current government officials continued usage of high frequency microwave pulsar technology designed to increase the temperature of the earth core has been permanently deactivated.

George Bush senior has acknowledged the directive and grounded all planes scheduled to spread the man made Avian flu virus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved forward with preserving the lives of his countrymen.

All government networks have ceased all future development of current blank slate technology projects.

Secret government agencies misguided attempt to control and disperse natural healthcare remedies proved futile and unsuccessful.

All efforts of military and nonmilitary personnel purposely devastating oceanic life forms through detonation of explosive devices under the guise of experimentation in the interest of science are now being overridden by our lightships.

Bush has conceded to allow the hearing of the Sibel Edmonds case.

And let it be known that the following directives under the Prime Creator have not yet been achieved and the time remaining to act is critically short -

All existing Avian Flu vaccines are to be destroyed immediately.

Usage of toxic pesticides and genetically modified agriculture seeds must cease and desist.

Prince Harry is to remain in England. Prince Phillip will be accountable for any and all harm done to Prince Harry or the men under his command.

Sonar frequency wave technology misused to deliberately harm whales and dolphins must be deactivated.

Commercial fishing vessels that release trawling nets with the ultimate intent to alter planetary ecosystems will immediately cease and desist.

Scientists under the control of government officials and public figures who create utilize and promote falsified data regarding carbon being the causative factor in the increase of beloved Earth temperature will retract all statements and speak the truth about HAARP, microwave technology, and the involvement of the governments.

Scientists and secret societies will terminate all programs set up to manipulate mankind by utilizing potent mind altering programs to mask their covert agendas.

George W Bush and Dick Cheney must concede to any and all directives they have received and ignored.

Tony Blair must concede to Great Britain his actual highest intentions and cease supporting the recent misguided truths that have appeared in your media.

Your commercial honey bee colonies that have seemingly all but disappeared have only migrated to south of the equator. Honey bees vibrate at a much higher level than most third dimensional creatures. They are sensitive to and respond well to love and nurturing much like flowers and plants do. Honey bee colonies no longer have resilience to human lower conditioned thought forms, environments of low electromagnetic radiation, and the dangerous pesticides that have inundated their existence. When your commercial beekeepers learn to value the honey bees and incorporate organic approaches and applications to the construction and care of beehives the honey bees will be back.

We are the Warriors of the Light and are acutely aware of your leaders devious plans to undermine all Spiritual Absolute Truth as we sit among them in their private meetings and listen to them scheme strategies for lustful personal gain of power and money. We have stood by and watched greed consume them as they destroy your nations.
Know that we do exist and we are not threatening. We are a benevolent race. It will soon become very clear as to the importance of your acknowledgement of our existence. Your current governments will soon stage another kind of attack, one from an extraterrestrial nation, to justify instilling what you call martial law to your land. This will be the most convincing effort yet by the illuminati. Let us reiterate that we are a peaceful, loving race and have only the best interest of your planet and its inhabitants at heart.
Allow us if we may at this time illustrate our whereabouts to you. We encourage you to scan your night skies with open hearts and notice the brightest and closest stars. These are our lightships. Verify our existence through your most powerful telescopes and see for yourselves that we actually do exist. You can see the defined edges of our crafts and you will absolutely see the array of distinguished colors pulsating outwardly from our lightships. Know we are among you our beloved ones.
Currently our command lightship known as Cathereum is technologically equipped with liquid crystal computerization capable of transporting us at great speeds. Contact between us is not far into the future as we are all part of your families. We are One.
St. Germain
Archangel Michael
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