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All of this is boiling down to producing a natural state of consciousness in alignment with the universal mind within you and the cosmic gnosis. This involves boiling ones perceived self down to remove the parts that don't exist except conceptually, by removing the notion of concepts being permenant other than the very nature of the universe which is in all likelihood perhaps one of many manifestations.. This is removing duality and uniting consciousness again with itself, bringing the scattered pieces of the puzzle back together and making a whole.

So why do this, because your consciousness is everything, physical matter included, so when you do this, you can flow freely, create whatever you want, and you are free to work on divine transformation.

Consciousness is flowing out of you, if there is fog on your mirror, there is fog in reality, therefor you clean your mirror, and you can reflect the entire spectrum of colors once more clearly, creation, your creation, our creation.

Therefor, you must realize that you cannot attach to any concepts or ideas, other than the ones which sustain your being such as the hermetic principles, vibration, love, etc.this is the natural state, awakened, non-attachment, formless, shapeless, infinity, reflecting matter in perfect harmony with the self.

You cannot attach to the past whatsoever, remove your attachment to anything you think you may be, remove any attachment to anything you think you know, remove your attachment to what you think you are. You are not an American, a Brit, you are not a human being, you are the rainbow, the universe itself, the electromagnetism, the energy, it is within you and pouring out of you, providing that you don't object to it with thought.

So this business, realizing that you are natural, is that, it's realizing, because you are already that when you don't object to it.

Nueatral state :D

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