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Fourth Dimension
fourth dimensionalityThe Fourth dimension could be viewed as a stepping stone in between the 3rd dimension of unconscious motivation and the divine realms of the 5th and higher. It is where we finally move away from complete ignorance of what is happening around us to hold some kind of understanding, but is still entirely ego-driven and out of alignment spiritually.
If one were to characterize 4th dimensional mentality than one may use one word to sum things up: Dualism.
If one remembers dualism as the hallmark of the 4th level mentality than it is fairly easy to learn and remember the difference between it and higher forms of being.
In this dimension we are still obsessed with individuality and the notion of separation. We manipulate our physical, mental, and light bodies in such a way as to achievethe aims of our ego
may use one word to sum things up: Dualism.

"The Emotional Body studies the Astral Plane
And the Mental Body does its best To
Interpret the Information that it Receives
Within the Limitations of its Linear-Based Functioning Ability"

All of these aspects weave the picture of a misunderstanding or false interpretation of the nature of the universe as seen through the eyes of an enlightened 5th dimensional (or higher) mentality.

Other experiences of this Domain:
  1. Trying to use or get "Luck"
  2. Being Superstitious
  3. Having a Sexual Fantasy
  4. Psychically attacking Someone
  5. Psychically defending Someone
  6. Fighting for God, the Light, or any other "Good" Cause
  7. Or "bad"cause...if that's your Style
  8. Trying to Psychically Manipulate another Being or Situation
  9. Astral Traveling
  10. Working out your Karma
  11. Trying to be worthy in the Eyes of God/dess
  12. Preaching "the right way" to serve God/dess...Spirit... or the Mission
  13. Using Magic...either "White" or "Black"

Where an enlightened 5th dimensional being sees oneness, a 4th dimensional soul sees separation, where a 5th level sees that all things exist at all points at the same time, a 4th level only acknowledges their linear perspective and fails to see the "big picture".
A 4th dimensional drama can be described best as the stepping stone from which one acknowledges the need to leave their 3rd dimensional reactory state and enter into a state in which they must switch their mind/body/self mechanism to accomomplishing a goal, or becoming aligned with a particular side in a fight; in example aligning ones self with the 9/11 truth movement in terms of going up against an evil cabal of people hell-bent on entrapping your mind. This is fine in and of itself and necessary for your evolution, but until you realize that you are trapped in 4th dimensional modality it is impossible to continue that evolution.

The fourth dimension is the realm of magic, and personal useage of the divine for your own aims. Magic can be seen as manifesting a intent through supernatural means, therefor choosing a side, and also at the same time limiting your mentality by acknowledging separation.

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